Sketchbook: My Brief Eternity

My Brief Eternity - image

Film maker Clare Sturgis has made a documentary about the late painter Osi Rhys Osmond, about the painting he made for our Maggie's building in South East Wales. Clare has since won a Bafta Breakthrough Award for her work.

Sketchbook: Christ Church Spitalfields

Christ Church Spitalfields - image

The opening of the crypt at Christ Church

Sketchbook: letter press

letter press - image

Printing Christmas cards on the Adana hand press

Sketchbook: Building Upon Building Publication

Building Upon Building Publication - image

Dow Jones Architects invited to write a chapter in the publication 'Building Upon Building' edited by J. Engels & M. Grootveld for AetA 160-FORUM Magazine. 

Sketchbook: Christ Church Spitafields Crypt

Christ Church Spitafields Crypt  - image

Crypt, Christ Church Spitalfields

Sketchbook: Christ Church Spitafields Organ

Christ Church Spitafields Organ  - image

Restoration work to the 1735 Richard Bridge Organ is now complete

Sketchbook: The 1735 Richard Bridge Organ Publication

The 1735 Richard Bridge Organ Publication  - image

The 1735 Richard Bridge Organ, Christ Church Spitalfields by Nicholas Thistlethaite. 2015.

Sketchbook: Stravaigers - Wanderers

Stravaigers - Wanderers - image

Alun Jones invited to include the essay 'The Case For Making' in the publication 'Stravaigers - Wanderers'

Sketchbook: Extremadura, 2014

Extremadura, 2014 - image

A watercolour of a landscape in Extremadura

Sketchbook: Canterbury, 2014

Canterbury, 2014 - image

Sketch inside the choir level of Canterbury Cathedral

Sketchbook: Salamanca, 2014

Salamanca, 2014 - image

Sketch of the Piaza Mayor in Salamanca

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