Garden Museum Phase 1

Redevelopment and extension of the Garden Museum, London

In November 2007 we won an invited competition to redevelop the Garden Museum in London. The completed project opened to the public in November 2008 to great critical acclaim.

The Garden Museum is housed in a listed former church. We designed a two-storey structure that wraps around the aisles of the existing building. The new structure creates new galleries for the permanent collection and for temporary exhibitions, and an education room.

Strategically, the Belvedere allows the different activities of the Museum to each have a dedicated place and to be able to operate independently. This has allowed the Museum’s wide range of events – workshops, talks and plant sales – to flourish.

The Garden Museum was shortlisted for an RIBA award 2009. We are currently working on a second phase of redevelopment

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Structural Engineer:


Services Engineer:

Buro Happold

Lighting Designer:


Quantity Surveyors:

Pierce Hill

Graphic Designers:

Sarah de Bondt

Timber Fabricator:



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